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Behind the Bloggers Lens

By Fashion

Fashion week has come to an end and while many amazing looks graced the catwalk this year, we found ourselves most intrigued and inspired by the girls going to see the shows. Here are some of the beautiful women captured by our favourite fashion bloggers.

Pictures taken from Street Tonic, Jak & Jil, 5 Inch & Up, Black Velvet Heart, Blonde Disco, Vanessa Jackman & Hanneli Mustaparta

Words By Samantha Cordingley

Sunday Inspiration

By Photography


This Sunday we decided to do something a bit different and took a trip to the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. I was particularly captivated by these beautiful black and white photographs.

Introducing Lea

By Fashion

It was quickly decided that Lea was the only model we could use in our Summer Calypso campaign. Lea’s classic beauty, her dark exotic features and her free spirit make her the perfect muse for the upcoming Lilya campaign.

Chunky Knits & Layers Oh My!

By Fashion

This winter we are preparing for the revival of velvet, chunky knits and ponchos without forgoing our favourite fur and leather. It seems this winter its all about anything goes, mixing prints and textures and layering everything over anything. This week we were inspired by these effortlessly thrown together looks.

Words by Samantha Cordingley

By Fashion

Pictures taken from Street Comber, They All Hate Us & Black Velvet Hearts

By Photography

Photography by Candace Meyer taken from

Sometimes we find beauty in the most unlikely of places, a thing, a person, a feeling or a group of words that we try to hold onto for as long as we can. We print the pictures on our walls; we blast the songs from our stereos and read the words over and over. There’s nothing quite like being inspired, and knowing that what inspired us may be completely different to what inspires someone else. In spite of this, we email the words, the pictures and the songs to our friends and family in the hope that they too might be inspired and feel, if just for a moment, they too can make a change and do anything they want to.

Welcome to Love Lilya