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Artist and all round creative Elle-Louise Burguez is not only a good friend but also the creator of some of our most treasured artworks. Elle’s work alternates between medians of visual arts, music and creative writing; although her practice is diverse there is a strong sense of intimacy, which flows between them all. We sat down with Elle to get a very personal insight into her creative process and inspirations behind her work.

 How did you first get into painting, when and how did you start?

I’d always loved to draw as a child and make little things. I lost my awareness of my creativity in my teens because I was so insecure and foggy-brained! Something was missing in my life and I slowly started to create again. I realised (and am still constantly reminding myself) that to design and originate in any way makes me feel so much more fulfilled. I started drawing with connector pens and that lead to a more refined drawing with black fine pen and colouring it in and then I moved onto watercolours in the same style. About 3 years ago I started to merge into painting to change things up and create a more elegant and beautiful look.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process; what gets you inspired to start a new piece of work?

I am constantly eating up what’s around me with my eyes. Whether it be nature, everyday objects and moments, a beautiful passage from a book or a pretty picture from Instagram. So with all of that playing around in my head I sometimes have random bursts of inspiration and I know what colours I want to put together or that I want to paint a bowl of cherries or a yellow and white striped jug etc. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what happens but I do get a certain feeling in the morning and I’ll know there and then if it’s a day for creating. A calmness and an excitement.

Who would you most like to own a piece of your work?

Oh wow, ok…. Someone who can benefit from seeing my work in their home everday. Where my work can give them hope in their own creative persuits or just lift their mood.
And I’d love for the men and women who inspire me to own my work: Maryam Nadir Zadeh, Zadie Smith, Devendra Barnhart, Shishi Yamazaki, Hayao Miyazaki…

As an artist, you cross over between art, music and writing, how do you think you’re evolving creatively and do these three mediums influence each other in your practice?

It’s strange because when I am working on art and writing I find it’s harder to naturally create songs! I find it hard to balance all of my mediums at once which I get down about sometimes but it’s a good lesson for me to just go with what intuitively feels good and real.

I feel that over the past few years I have set up a strong internal belief in my work and what I do. It isn’t based of success or compliments, I truely just love what I do because it really does come from my heart. I make what I want and I don’t let the ever changing trends of today affect my process. Flowing from writing to music and to painting does allow for constant inspiration as well. I wrote a song a while ago and the lyrics have inspired different paintings and poems. Sometimes the reverse will happen and the colours and objects and mood of a painting I make will inspire a poem or story.

And one more thing haha- through allowing myself to delve off into different mediums I can be kind to myself and accept when things don’t work out or look beautiful enough to share with others. It is so necessary to just play for the sake of play and not for the outcome to be bought by someone or displayed in a gallery.

If you could paint from anywhere in the world where would it be?

I am dreaming of Italy at the moment. I imagine being on a boat and sitting outside with deep blue ocean below me and maybe some mountains in the distance. Or from my street window looking down at the fresh markets and all the pretty dresses and flowers.

What kind of feelings do you hope your work evokes?

Firstly a sense of peace, where the viewers personal anxieties and stresses can just rest for a minute or two. Feelings of love, nostalgia, excitement, lust, desire, power… feelings that create a new story or remind them of their own stories.

What does the future hold for you? Anything exciting in the works?

My life is a bit all over the place right now so I am not sure which country I’ll be in, but I have a series all in red that I am going to release soon and I have been working on some new paintings for a show later in the year.

I am yet to realise what it is that is just right for me at the moment but I have an instinct telling me to share my writing this year. So many people everyday feel a sense of isolation, fear or lack of love in their life and I truely think that through reading someone else’s honest words, we can start to feel more connected and not so alone after all. Art can definitely do this too but for me personally, when someone’s words resonate with my heart, a whole world lifts off my chest and for a fleeting moment or sometimes longer I am at peace and all is ok.

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ARTIST | Rebecca Louise Law

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Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law Rebecca Louise Law

Artist Rebecca Louise Law is making art out of nature in the most dreamy and tactical way. Her large floral installations are just as immersive as they are captivatingly beautiful. The English artist has been commissioned by luxury brands such as Hermes and MaxMara along with UK icons The Royal Opera House and the RHS Chelsea Flower Shows.

Credit: All artwork by Rebecca Louise Law


ARTIST | Sally Gabori

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Sally-Gabori-1 Sally-Gabori-2 Sally-Gabori-3 Sally-Gabori-4 Sally-Gabori-5 Sally-Gabori-6 Sally-Gabori-7

Indigenous Australian artist Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda (Sally Gabori) life, is one that is quite spectacular. Born around 1924, Gabori, only started her career as a visual artist in her late seventies. Since the beginning of her career in 2005, she became one of Australia’s highest regarded contemporary artists. Gabori’s works have now been showcased worldwide, being admired for their liveliness and use of colour. With her intuitive artistic nature, these abstract works are not only beautiful but pay homage to the history and stories of her country and life.

CREDITS: All Artwork by Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda

ARTIST | Prudence Caroline

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Prudence-Caroline-1 Prudence-Caroline-2 Prudence-Caroline-3 Prudence-Caroline-4 Prudence-Caroline-5 Prudence-Caroline-6 Prudence-Caroline-7 Prudence-Caroline-8 Prudence-Caroline-9 Prudence-Caroline-10

Born and bred Jan Juc local Prudence Caroline, has some serious skills with a paint brush. This Australian artist has found herself a cult following through A-list admirers to her work being featured on top television shows and magazines. Prudence describes her style as “scruffy and haphazard”. Her incredible abstract artworks take influence from some of our favourites things, mid century furniture, textiles, street art, nature and wildlife. She has a focus on creating art with inspiration being drawn from the “everyday”, although her work is anything but ordinary. We love the liveliness that her art and prints bring to a space, each piece being as unique and eclectic as the next.

All Artwork: Prudence Caroline

Artist | CJ Hendry

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Artist-CJ-Hendry-1 Artist-CJ-Hendry-2 Artist-CJ-Hendry-3 Artist-CJ-Hendry-4 Artist-CJ-Hendry-5 Artist-CJ-Hendry-6 Artist-CJ-Hendry-7 Artist-CJ-Hendry-8 Artist-CJ-Hendry-9 Artist-CJ-Hendry-10 Artist-CJ-Hendry-11

Arches paper in 640gsm, a long 1 meter ruler, various weights of black pens and an architects table, are the tools Brisbane artist CJ Hendry uses to create her incredible photorealistic works. With one work taking up to 200 hours, her creative process is methodical and simple. With no formal art education, the artist was studying commerce before art collectors began to gain interest in her works. All of her pieces are based on luxury high-end items, such as a Hermes scarf or a pair of Gucci loafers and more innate objects like animal skulls. We wouldn’t mind hanging one of these on our walls!

Images: The Cool

Interview | Elle-Louise Burguez

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Visual Artist, Elle-Louise Burguez has a way of creating alluring and playful illustrations, which are lively, intriguing and a little bit magic. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we spoke to Elle about her art, inspirations and exciting new ventures.

Hey Elle, Tell us a little about your background – What led you to create the your beautiful illustrations?

Hello ^_^ I am not sure of one exact thing that led me to draw… I think I have just always had this inner yearning to create ever since I was a kid. I have always designed my own little worlds to escape in, whether it be through pure imagining or through music or art. I am obsessed.

What influences the style of your work?

So many things consciously and subconsciously influence me… I am constantly looking at images, whether it be editorials or interior design or just beautiful people and places. My desires influence me, people, random thoughts that pop into my head, food, memories….and of course music.

How do you go about creating your art – is there a formula to your creative process?

I usually create at night, unless I am creating a big piece which I will work on day and night. My process is usually just playing music and drawing. On a good day I will do some yoga and have a bath to relax completely and then just get completely absorbed in creating. I don’t like having any distractions whilst I am drawing.

We know you are also a very talented musician, will we see you mix your visual art and music skills in the future?

Eeek you are too kind 🙂 I would love to…. even if I one day collaborate with someone to animate my drawings and then set it to my own music… that would be amazing.

What are five things you cannot live without?

Music, creating, laughing, loving, pleasures.

Where would you find you typically on a Sunday morning?

Either walking around a market half a sleep or listening to records and making a delicious breakfast.

Draw us a picture of yourself…


Do you have anything exciting in the works?

I have some exciting collaborations coming up. One where I am working with a beautiful fashion label. I also am in an art show launching July 3rd, which I am super excited about.


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To check out Elle’s work head over to her online store here , follow her instagram @ellelouise_burguez_art or check out her exhibition at Lust for Life Tattoo – Fortitude Valley Brisbane from July 3rd until July 31st

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CREDITS: Artwork: Elle Lousie Burguez Photography: Ellie Mclean, Styling: Adeline Conti

Art In All It’s Forms

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Art can come in many forms— from a painting or mural to a light installation or collage. The canvas can vary greatly too. Art is an expression that can’t be tamed by rules or restrictions. The way in which each artist chooses to express his or her creativity is truly breathtaking and rarely predictable. An artist’s work is always a piece of the artist, a glimpse inside that persons mind which is why art in itself is everchanging.

Words by Samantha Cordingley

Pictures taken from The Rotten Ones, Lets Run Away, They All Hate Us and various other Tumblr sites.

New York

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Visiting New York for the first time, I realised this is one city that lives up to the hype. The atmosphere is inexplicable and engulfs you whole-heartedly. Suddenly anything and everything seems possible. The city has a way of taking you under its wing- introducing you to a world of live music, theatre, second hand books, late night pizza, cute bars, museums, art galleries and a whole bunch of ambitious and talented creatives all with a dream of their own. In New York you can be anyone you want to be and suddenly find the courage and the inspiration to work out just who that might be. And when its time to leave, you feel like you’re saying goodbye to a great friend- you vow to keep in touch and visit again soon.

Some pictures are original content, others sourced from The Rotten Ones, Snob Fashion & Bella 185

Words by Samantha Cordingley

Where’s Your Inspiration Board?

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Every incredible creative person I know has there own inspiration board- quotes, pictures or artwork blu-taced, pasted & pinned above and around their desks. So where’s your inspiration board?

Pictures from Honestly WTF & Google Images