Stockists File | Driftlab

By Interview

Your store name: Driftlab

Where is your store located: We have two stores one in the heart of Byron Bay and the other in the quaint Byron hinterland village of Newrybar.

Tell us a little about yourself and your store? Driftlab is an environment that supports creative endeavours from artisans near and far.  Accessories, art clothing, gifts, homewares and everything we feature is carefully considered, has a unique point of view, inspiration and charm.

What are three words to describe the aesthetics of your stores? Authentic, Unique, Rustic.

What are your favourite Lilya pieces? We are massive fans of the Lilya shearling vests as well as her signature shape dresses such as the “Roni” and swim.

Where to stay and why? If you’re travelling to our Newrybar store and after an indulgent experience we would recommend Gia Retreat where you can be pampered and relax and experience some of the finest local culinary delights.

Where to eat and why? The Harvest Restaurant is located next to our Newrybar store and recognised as one of the best restaurants in the Byron Bay region.  If you’re in the centre of Byron we wouldn’t go past Light Years for some very tasty Vietnamese and a great atmosphere.

Where to enjoy a drink? If you’re around the hinterland make sure you stop by Cape Byron Distillery for some Brookie’s Gin and if your in Byron town we suggest the Mez Club for a cocktail and tapas.

What should we pack in our suitcase? Swimmers, lightweight linen or cotton relaxed dresses that can be thrown over your swim, leather slides, a wide brim hat for those sunny days and a little party dress to take you into the night …

Live like a local and…. Jump in the ocean. A light house walk in the morning is always a great way to start the day, grab a coffee from the roadhouse, wander through the shops, lunch at Raes overlooking the pristine Wategos beach where you can take a dip or have a quick surf.

A must do while in Newryby… Explore the hinterland, there are so many beautiful pockets to the area and tucked away towns and flowing waterfalls and water holes.

Where to watch the sunset? Head down to main beach and look out towards the wreck, whilst listening to the sounds of the local bongo drums.


Stockists File | Olive Boutique

By Interview

Your store name: Olive Boutique

Where is your store located? On the Island of Oahu in Kailua, HI

Tell us a little about yourself and your store? My name is Ali, I was born and raised here in Kailua. I moved away at 19 to go to CA for two years, then moved to Seattle for ten years to go to school and work in the Fashion Industry! I worked in Window and display for 8 years after school. But always knew from a little girl that I wanted to own a store! So after 10 years in Seattle I decided it was time to move home and make my dream a reality!

What are three words to describe the aesthetics of your stores? Coastal, Bohemian & Open

What are your favourite Lilya pieces? I am a big fan of Lilya! The reason I love the brand is for the light, simple material and beautiful patterns. They are perfect for our climate here in Hawaii!

Where to stay and why? I think our part of the Island is the best place to stay! It still feels like the ultimate beach town! Find an airbnb.  It is also fun to do a night or two in Waikiki for some city life! I would stay at The Surfjack where our other location is J It’s a fun boutique hotel and we have a coffee bar in our shop!!

Where to eat and why? Kailua: Buzzs (best fresh fish and margaritas!), Chinatown: Fete, Tchin Tchin, Pig and the Lady, Waikiki: Herringbone, Buho

Where to enjoy a drink? All of the above

What should we pack in our suitcase? Bathing suits and light pieces! Once you’re here you don’t were much clothing!

Live like a local and…. Go to a supermarket and buy Poke!

A must do while in your town… Bike around town, go the the Sunday morning Farmers market, pack a lunch and sit on the beach all day, until its cocktail hour and you head to Buzzs! Don’t forget to shop at Olive and Oliver!!!

Where to watch the sunset? Drive out to Makaha or the North Shore and sit on the beach!



Stockist File | IGLOU – Orange NSW

By Interview

Our Orange, NSW stockist Iglou was started by owner Pip 11 years ago, starting in a small corner store in Bathurst. Since the inception of LILYA, Pip and her store has supported and stocked the brand, creating a special and long standing partnership. Over the past decade we have seen Pip and her business grow, so we are very excited to share with you our Stockist profile and guide to Orange with Iglou owner, Pip.

Pip opened JUMBLED 6 years ago, when a retail space became available next door to Iglou. Pip was pregnant with her first son so it wasn’t really the best timing, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up! She started selling an assortment of homewares and bedding – basically anything and everything that made Pip’s heart sing.

Two years ago Pip’s husband Nick was walking the dog and noticed a teeny tiny sign saying the old Masonic Hall around the corner was for sale. Pip definitely wasn’t looking to move the stores, and especially not to buy a building, but it was almost too good to be true!

The renovation began a year ago with Pip’s husband Nick (conveniently a builder) overseeing work and Studio Esteta from Melbourne helping bring the vision together. The aim was really to open up the space and to give both stores (JUMBLED and Iglou) their own styled sections whilst still maintaining a consistent flow. Jumbled was designed with fresh white and ply, serving as the perfect foundation for layers of art and bedding, while Iglou is a dusty pink with black metal detailing. The renovation took 9 weeks and the majority of the work completed by Pip and Nick. There were lots of helping hands through friends and family, and even Pip’s sons Digby & Barnaby helped (even if it was just sweeping up dust, dust and more dust!)

“We’ve now been open in our new space, The Sonic, for a little over a year and we couldn’t be happier! We also share the space with a cafe, Nimrod’s, so it is officially the best place ever to work!”

Pip’s Travel Tips for Orange, NSW

Where to Stay?

De Russie Boutique Hotel – 72 Hill Street
Dragonfly Cottages – 92 Heifer Station Lane
Black Sheep Inn – 91 Heifer Station Lane
Borrodell Vineyard – 298 Lake Canobolas Road
The Old Convent – 307 Convent Lane,
BorenoreSummer East Serviced Apartments – 399 Summer Street
Lakeview Luxury Cabins – 57 Stanford Road

Where to Eat?

The Old Convent – 307 Convent Lane,
Borenore (the best ever set menu brunch – Sunday only so bookings essential!)
Groundstone Cafe – 149 Byng Street (Located opposite the Regional Art Gallery)
Nimrod’s – At The Sonic of course! Also located on Lords Pl
Lolli Redini – 48 Sale StreetSweet Sout
Salt – 116 Summer Street
Mr Lim’s – 282 Summer Street
The Grocer & Co Organics – 50 McNamara Street
The Lakehouse Cafe – Lake Canobolas (The perfect place for a nice walk too!)

Things to do?

I obviously LOVE a good winery, so that’s always at the top of my list, but I also love a good walk! Lake Canobolas is a great spot for walking and lately my family and I are really enjoying exploring Ophir and the Borenore Caves. We’re also a hub for lots of smaller surrounding villages, so it’s really fun to jump in the car and visit Milthorpe or Canowindra for example.

Where to Shop?

The Sonic of course! Homewares, fashion and coffee all in the one spot – what more could you ask for!

What to Do?

It’s no secret that we LOVE wineries – Philip Shaw and Heifer Station are top of our list!

33-35 Sale St, Orange NSW 2800

Artist | Elle-Louise Burguez

By Art, Interview

Artist and all round creative Elle-Louise Burguez is not only a good friend but also the creator of some of our most treasured artworks. Elle’s work alternates between medians of visual arts, music and creative writing; although her practice is diverse there is a strong sense of intimacy, which flows between them all. We sat down with Elle to get a very personal insight into her creative process and inspirations behind her work.

 How did you first get into painting, when and how did you start?

I’d always loved to draw as a child and make little things. I lost my awareness of my creativity in my teens because I was so insecure and foggy-brained! Something was missing in my life and I slowly started to create again. I realised (and am still constantly reminding myself) that to design and originate in any way makes me feel so much more fulfilled. I started drawing with connector pens and that lead to a more refined drawing with black fine pen and colouring it in and then I moved onto watercolours in the same style. About 3 years ago I started to merge into painting to change things up and create a more elegant and beautiful look.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process; what gets you inspired to start a new piece of work?

I am constantly eating up what’s around me with my eyes. Whether it be nature, everyday objects and moments, a beautiful passage from a book or a pretty picture from Instagram. So with all of that playing around in my head I sometimes have random bursts of inspiration and I know what colours I want to put together or that I want to paint a bowl of cherries or a yellow and white striped jug etc. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what happens but I do get a certain feeling in the morning and I’ll know there and then if it’s a day for creating. A calmness and an excitement.

Who would you most like to own a piece of your work?

Oh wow, ok…. Someone who can benefit from seeing my work in their home everday. Where my work can give them hope in their own creative persuits or just lift their mood.
And I’d love for the men and women who inspire me to own my work: Maryam Nadir Zadeh, Zadie Smith, Devendra Barnhart, Shishi Yamazaki, Hayao Miyazaki…

As an artist, you cross over between art, music and writing, how do you think you’re evolving creatively and do these three mediums influence each other in your practice?

It’s strange because when I am working on art and writing I find it’s harder to naturally create songs! I find it hard to balance all of my mediums at once which I get down about sometimes but it’s a good lesson for me to just go with what intuitively feels good and real.

I feel that over the past few years I have set up a strong internal belief in my work and what I do. It isn’t based of success or compliments, I truely just love what I do because it really does come from my heart. I make what I want and I don’t let the ever changing trends of today affect my process. Flowing from writing to music and to painting does allow for constant inspiration as well. I wrote a song a while ago and the lyrics have inspired different paintings and poems. Sometimes the reverse will happen and the colours and objects and mood of a painting I make will inspire a poem or story.

And one more thing haha- through allowing myself to delve off into different mediums I can be kind to myself and accept when things don’t work out or look beautiful enough to share with others. It is so necessary to just play for the sake of play and not for the outcome to be bought by someone or displayed in a gallery.

If you could paint from anywhere in the world where would it be?

I am dreaming of Italy at the moment. I imagine being on a boat and sitting outside with deep blue ocean below me and maybe some mountains in the distance. Or from my street window looking down at the fresh markets and all the pretty dresses and flowers.

What kind of feelings do you hope your work evokes?

Firstly a sense of peace, where the viewers personal anxieties and stresses can just rest for a minute or two. Feelings of love, nostalgia, excitement, lust, desire, power… feelings that create a new story or remind them of their own stories.

What does the future hold for you? Anything exciting in the works?

My life is a bit all over the place right now so I am not sure which country I’ll be in, but I have a series all in red that I am going to release soon and I have been working on some new paintings for a show later in the year.

I am yet to realise what it is that is just right for me at the moment but I have an instinct telling me to share my writing this year. So many people everyday feel a sense of isolation, fear or lack of love in their life and I truely think that through reading someone else’s honest words, we can start to feel more connected and not so alone after all. Art can definitely do this too but for me personally, when someone’s words resonate with my heart, a whole world lifts off my chest and for a fleeting moment or sometimes longer I am at peace and all is ok.

Shop the story

Phoebe Jacket – Musk

Turlington Dress – Floral

Nala Top – White

LILYA 10 Year Anniversary

By Interview


This year we celebrate 10 years of LILYA.

In celebration of the brand’s milestone we sat down with owner and designer Lisa Robertson to chat about how her small side project has now turned into a internationally recognised brand and what she has learnt along the way…

What made you want to start your own label?

I have always worked in the fashion industry… I started in retail straight after school, and then I was a buyer and did some styling. It was after working in wholesale for a big agency that I then started my own wholesale agency, selling brands like Maurie and Eve, Oscar the Third, Mogil and Grain. I knew a lot of buyers and felt like I had good knowledge to start the process of having my own label. It was a natural progression.

What three words do you think best describe the LILYA aesthetic?

Natural, chic and nonchalant.

What have been your most memorable moments since starting the brand?

I have a retail background, so for me it’s being stocked by my beautiful retailers, so many of them are loyal and have bought my brand since day 1. I also love seeing LILYA on beautiful women, with social media now, its so amazing to see people from all over the world of all different ages and walks of life wearing and sharing their love for the brand.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learnt?

The biggest lessons I have learnt are to allow for a little drama, roll with the punches of having your own business and at the end of the day not let it affect you too much. I have also learnt the power of a good team, especially after becoming a mother, I needed to learn how to empower and trust my staff and now I have the best team ever!

Lilya was born and raised in Bondi and now are based Sunshine Coast, how has the brand changed in the past 10 years? What has stayed the same?

The brand has grown and expanded. We have always stocked Australia, but in the past few years we have grown in New Zealand and more recently the US. We have had such an amazing response to LILYA in the US and Hawaii and are in some amazing retailers.

Also, social media has changed so much in the past 10 years and how we communicate and interact with our stores and customers. So much is happening online, in real time and fast! I think personal customer service has always been our focus and although technology has changed the way we communicate, we still offer that same personal customer service. Although it is more and more through social media and emails, we still have a landline phone and chat to customers and stores regularly!

Lilya is stocked in over 100 stores Australia wide and has branched out globally from NZ, the U.S.A to even Kiev in the Ukraine! Why do you think the brand resonates with so many women?

It’s easy to wear, practical, transcends through age groups and has a global style. LILYA is a lifestyle fashion brand, which we have always designed to be ‘lived in’ wherever you may be. Design wise, we are really influenced by where we live but also our travels. I think we have put our own casual LILYA ‘twist’ on everywhere we’ve travelled from NYC, Brazil back to East Coast Australia! I like to think that Lilya is accessible and has pieces that many women feel comfortable wearing wherever they may be.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own label?

Get experience in the business side of fashion!!!! Fashion is fun and exciting but to run a business requires more than just good fashion sense. Listen and learn and be brave and don’t ever stop learning.

Who is the quintessential LILYA woman?

The LILYA woman is warm, natural and caring. She has a sense of fun and adventure and feels comfortable in her own skin.

What’s next for LILYA?

We are now more than ever travelling to source inspiration, fabrics and shoot locations…so we hope to develop more exciting product, explore new idea and put a whole lot more time into perfecting the ranges. We hope to grow in the US and travel a lot. Creatively too, as our team is growing we hope this gives us more opportunity to grow and explore and make more amazing collections.

To say a big thank you for all the love and support from our lovely LILYA customers over the past decade we are giving subscribers a special 15% off code to use on all Spring styles.

Simply enter the code ‘HAPPY10’ at the checkout to apply.

*Valid until Monday 7th November 2016 and includes full priced Spring stock only.


Q&A | Amberly Valentine ‘We are the Wild Girls’

By Interview

LILYA ‘Atlantico’ SS16 took us over to the iconic and ever beautiful Tulum. Amberly Valentine of ‘We are the Wild Girls’, captured the beautiful Madeline Joy Relph on the pristine beaches of The Isla Mujeres, bar side at eco boutique, Coco Tulum, through rivers and lagoons in the breathtaking cenotes and then to the amazing Coqui Coqui in Coba. If you have ever dreamed of a Mexican escape, then these images are sure to have you booking your tickets, fast! We sat down with Amberly and asked her some insider advice on what to see and do in Mexico. You can view and shop the entire campaign now  here.

EAT:  Posada Margherita for super fresh & light Italian food (their homemade fresh pasta is to die for) or Hartwood for the best grilled octopus and fresh ceviche in Tulum.

STAY: Azulik Tulum – an eco friendly treehouse over the ocean that is beyond beautiful. We were greeted with a traditional Mayan cleansing ceremony and ended our days with long baths overlooking the waves. Bliss. Further afield is the incredible Coqui Coqui in Coba. Part perfumery part hotel this place is style personified with none of the stuffy airs and graces of other high end boutique hotels. Simply stunning design and wonderfully friendly staff make it feel like a retreat from the real world.

DRINK: Tequila Tequila!! Well it is Mexico after all…

EXPLORE: Ancient Mayan Ruins and crystal clear cenotes (natural swimming pools created by the underwater rivers).

SHOP: Coqui Coqui for artisan perfumes and hand woven hammocks

RELAX: By the ocean! Tulum has beautiful turquoise water and powder white sand. Just park under one of the many coconut trees and watch the world go by.

CHECK OUT: Akumal bay for swimming with turtles & Volladolid for super colourful historic buildings.

HOT TIP: Get up really early – places here get pretty crowded but in the mornings you will have the whole place to yourself before 8am.

MUST DO: Try the ceviche – it’s the best we have had anywhere in the world

LIVE LIKE A LOCAL: At the many Taco Stalls. You can eat for few dollars and its guaranteed to be better than most of the fancy restaurants.

3 THINGS TO PACK: A teeny tiny bikini and nothing else. More room in the suitcase for all those hammocks you will buy!






Interview | Sel De Mer Showroom

By Interview


This year has seen LILYA launch in the USA with over 20 beautiful stockists around the country in over seven states with some exciting additions on the horizon. We are fortunate enough to have the most amazing USA agents Lauren Harbin and Pauline Lucas, the co-owners of Sel De Mer Showroom. Lauren and Pauline encapsulate the LILYA women perfectly as well as sharing our love for the beach!

We recently chatted to the ladies to get some insight into what they do and also a locals guide on what to do in Southern California.

To find a list of Lilya’s USA Stockists please email

Hey Lauren and Pauline, tell us a little about yourselves and Sel De Mer Showroom?

Hi! We have been working together for about 3 years now and love what we do! Our showroom is a curated mix of brands from LA to Bali to Australia with swimwear, clothing and everything in between. Our workday looks different every day. Some days we work from a local coffee shop, then other days we could be travelling to Hawaii/ New York visiting our accounts. It’s fun and exciting- and we love seeing new collections that come season to season.

The best part about your job?

Working together! We are laughing all day long. Also working alongside such amazing designers. Every brand and store has its own personality and story which makes everyday exciting and new.

How would you describe your personal styles?

What comes to mind when we think of our fashion style is “denim and white”. More than half of the time we show up wearing the exact same thing. We just realized that we are today. Ha! We have fun with cute high top vans or dressing up our outfits with some patterned booties. We love clean, simple lines and we are suckers for a cute summer dress or long baggy jumpsuits. This season, we are dying over Lilya’s fringe suede pieces- we can’t wait to wear the Wintergreen Jacket with a white tee/vintage levi’s! And a pair of good sunnies is an absolute must!

What are your favourite Lilya pieces to wear?

Pauline really loves the Olina wide leg pants in the Morris print paired with a cute tank tied in a knot. She also loves the Florence top in white with her Madewell flea market denim flares. Lauren loves the Wintergreen Brown suede jacket paired from Lilya with her Mother denim and the Aquarius dress with cute sandals.

A guide to Southern CA….

First things first, where do we go for our morning coffee?

Our go to is definitely Revolution Roasters in Oceanside, CA. We also love Succulent café- it is a cute outdoor spot with wall to wall succulents and great coffee. Its outdoors and always sunny- always very inspiring to work there.

Where to stay?

If we were coming to visit we’d rent a cute airbnb! North County is a must as all the beach towns are so close to each other and each one has its own little vibe. We also love to stay at The Holidays campground in San Clemente. There are 4 vintage Shasta trailers right on the beach. Best beach/camping experience- plus you meet great people camping there.

Where to eat?

Our favorite eating out spots are Blue Ribbon Pizza in Encinitas if we want good wine and pizza, Lotus Café in Encinitas for lunch and we can never turn down a San Diego Taco Tuesday. Another favorite is Cucina Enoteca in Del Mar.

Where to enjoy a drink?

Hello Betty’s rooftop in Oceanside, CA for sunset cocktails and Solace and the Moonlight Lounge for good wine and apps, we also love a good dive bar with good music and pool. Lauren loves a good juke box.

Best way to unwind?

We both cherish yoga and try to do it everyday. Lauren is actually yoga certified! It is a great workout and de-stresser.

What should we pack in our suitcase?

Denim, tees, rose water spray, candle for traveling, teeki yoga leggings, comfy lounge wear, and a few shoe options but definitely cute sneakers! And snacks!

A must do….

Grab morning coffees and go to our favorite Vintage Store, Captains Helm in Oceanside. Then head to the beach!

Where to watch the sunset?

Anywhere! The ocean is so close to both of us, so just head west and you will find a spot ☺

Where to shop?

We love thrifting! Our fav is Captains Helm and right next door is a locally curated shop- Rais Case. We adore everything in there- including the owner! We also love Van de Vort in Del Mar and Madewell is our go to store for good basics and denim.



Stockist File | Alterior Motif

By Interview


Our good friend Penny Lane, director of Sunshine Coast boutiques Alterior Motif is one of our longest standing stockists of LILYA and has been delivery the fashion goods to the Coast for over 10 years.

We sat down with Penny to get some insight into what her and her stores are all about and some of her summer essentials.

If you are headed to the Sunshine Coast, you can find the stores in Cotton Tree and Noosa Heads or check out their instagram

Hello Penny Lane! Tell us a little about yourself and Alterior Motif?

I was born in Byron Bay but we moved to the Sunshine Coast when I was 5. I have a bit of a dream life. Living on the Sunshine Coast is like living in paradise and my friends, family and work life top it all off!

Alterior Motif is an extension of myself and my amazing staff. We all have input and treat it like our baby. It’s a life style store, a meeting place and above all else somewhere awesome to shop for Australian designers, emerging designers and home décor.

What are three words to describe the aesthetics of your stores?
Coastal . Luxe . Chic

What is your personal style philosophy?

Keep it casual but incorporate accessories that you are feeling at that time. I tend to lean towards quality denim and good fabrications, particularly organics. I don’t have an overly defined aesthetic as I am exposed to so many different trends through our brand list. I like to “sample” from all of our ranges but being in a coastal area I tend to dress down.

Can you list 5 of your summer essentials?

  • Boyfriend fit white shirt
  • Blush nail polish
  • A statement hat
  • Denim Shorts
  • One piece swimsuit

Tell us about what your perfect day looks like for you?
A morning surf then coffee with friends, chill with the family at home, watch the Sunset then party all night long.. Ha ha no just joking, early to bed for me these days!

You are a fellow Sunshine Coast local, can you tell us a must do for anyone visiting the coast over the summer?

Walk around to Granite Bay through the national park in Noosa at first light. Its just got that feeling of untouched beauty and you truly feel like you could be anywhere in the world.

What’s on the cards next for Alterior Motif?
Gosh we have done so much in the last 2 years! I’ll chat to the universe and let you know ☺

Interview | Kirsten Sikiotis of Maidenlove

By Interview


Trading in a cold and grey Melbourne winter for balmy Bali, Indonesia sounds like a pretty great idea right? Well thats exactly what our good friend and collaborator Kirsten Sikiotis, captain of Maidenlove has done since launching her brand in 2010. Kirsten has been creating some of our favourite bikinis as well as a range of clothing and accessories and we are lucky enough to work with her every Summer on a range of LILYA X Maidenlove swimwear. So to gain more insight we chatted to Kirsten a little about Maidenlove, her Bikini muses and summer must haves.

Tell us a little about yourself and your brand Maidenlove?

Maidenlove was born in Bali, 5 years ago, where I made my first swimwear range. It was a labour of love, hence the name Maidenlove, playing on Made in Love and being a made up name I like to call my ship / vessel / means for me to be creative and to do what I am passionate about in this life. As maiden also means first, the brand ethos is always about following my heart, my first love, being creative and designing. I am so grateful to be doing what I love each day, collaborating with great people like Lisa of Lilya, producing in Bali and working with genuine, hard working, creative, passionate people. All the people I work with become my friends so I enjoy the process everyday.

What influences your designs?

I always begin making something I want to wear. Being a Gemini the styling is always eclectic and spontaneous between ranges and even within one collection, and are positively driven by my emotional state when it comes to designing the range. There are often vintage references with something a little bit nautical and a little bit cowgirl and a always a wild animal print. I value a point of difference so developed our own hardware too with my husband who is a jewellery designer / art director.

What is your favourite swimsuit from the latest Lilya x Maidenlove Collaboration?

I LOVE the paisley print (channeling the cowgirl in me) in the classic underwire Sala Swimsuit. I love to wear a one piece as a bodysuit with shorts or jeans and since having my beautiful son, I feel one pieces are much more flattering for me this summer.

Who would you love to see wearing one of your designs?

Oooohhh this changes all the time but I would LOVE Georgia May Jagger to do a campaign for us. I love Emily Blunt’s look and Charlotte Gainsbourg’s style. As far as Aussie girls go, I would love to see Emma Booth, Bella Heathcote and Pania Rose in a Maidenlove campaign. Gorgeous, striking, natural beauties. Our latest campaign shot by the super talented and down to earth Jennifer Stenglein of Ilona Novacek really captured our brand perfectly, with these strong, womanly, graceful, energetic, positive and powerful images. They were electric and the energy was really captured in the imagery.

What would we find in your beach bag?

In my Maidenlove Wild Thing print beach bag, you will find my Sala Swimsuit, a Navy double sized anchor towel, Lucy Folk Azul blue mirror lensed sunglasses, Dermaclear Organic 30+ sunscreen, Bali Pura Pure Love Auric Spray, a trucker cap, a stainless steel water bottle and my Kundalini Yoga teacher’s manual.

Favourite Summer holiday location?

Ithaca, the Greek island where my husband’s family is from.

Shop the LILYA x Maidenlove swim range here.


Maidenlove-1 Maidenlove-2 Maidenlove-3 Maidenlove-4 Maidenlove-5 Maidenlove-6

5 minutes with | Janneke Storm

By Interview, Photography

Janneke Storm

Give us a little insight into who you are and how you started taking photographs?

Hello! I’m Janneke, fashion & wedding photographer based on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland.

Describe your photography style in 3 words?

Raw, spontaneous, adventurous.

What are some of your favourite shoots you have done to date?

My favourite shoots are usually the simplest ones; an interesting model, not too much clothing, a beautiful outdoor location with textures and amazing light. Of course loved the Lilya shoot we did, love just being out in nature with a beautiful model and insanely good clothing, it’s the best!

We loved working with you on the LILYA AW15 Campaign, whats do you love most about shooting fashion?

Awww thank you! Working with you guys was a dream! Can we do it again? Hehe! Definitely love that every shoot is so different and challenges me in ways I’ve never been challenged before. I love being able to shoot with amazing creatives who inspire and push me to be a better photographer.

When you are not behind the lens, what can we find you doing?

Haha usually behind my computer editing or emailing. But I try and get away from the computer as much as possible. Love getting a good coffee from my local coffee shop, taking my dog down to the beach, hanging out with other creatives and trawling through Pinterest (waste so much time on there!).

Who or what inspires you creatively?

Music is easily my biggest inspiration, right now I’m loving the likes of Odesza, Fishing, Banks, SOHN, Catching Flies, Tycho etc. I’m also hugely inspired by other creatives; one of my close friends Isobel Badin is an insane creative genius, everything she does just blows my mind. My photography mentor, Julian Beattie is just my photography idol, I hope one day to be able to shoot like him. Otherwise photographers like Brydie Mack, Parker Fitzgerald, Magdalena Wosinska, Chris Searl, Asher Moss, Hugh Forte, Dylan & Sara and Nordica.

Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm Janneke Storm EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP image


All photos by Janneke Storm